Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Copenhagen Consensus is out...

The results of the Copenhagen
project have been announced. This is Bjorn Lomberg's effort to prioritize big, global social programs according to how much real economic good they do for the world. The conclusion: AIDS and Malaria matter, a lot.

1. as much AIDS prevention as possible -- cost $27 billion, payoff 40x the cost
2. provide micronutrients to fight malnutrition
3. lower trade barriers
4. fight malaria

Unsuprisingly, fighting global warming is not on their list of recommendations; Lomberg has become the environmentalists' version of Emmanuel Goldstein.

I am disappointed, thought, that it is harder than I expected to find the
reasoning behind the Copenhagen Consensus' list. If they are bold enough to claim the right to define the world's most urgent priorities, surely they can write a decent press release or essay briefly explaining their reasoning? I shouldn't have to look for the original academic paper to figure out what 'providing micronutrients' means.