Thursday, June 10, 2004

Credit where Credit is due

Both bloggers and journalists are talking about how much credit Reagan deserves for winning the Cold War. I think he played a significant role, but, I think Harry Truman deserves most of the credit. Without Reagan, some Soviet dissidents would have spent a longer time in jail, a few more Caribbean countries would have gone communist, and the 1989 revolution may have been delayed 5-10 years.

Without Truman, we would have lost the Cold War without a fight, with France, Britain, Germany, and Japan mired in poverty for decades, and with communist rule in Berlin, Greece, Turkey, southern Korea, possibly Italy, and perhaps even part of Japan.

It is difficult for a historically-reflective person to visit South Korea without thinking that Truman was one of our greatest Presidents, and that the Korean War was one of the most noble things our country has ever done.